Mr Robert Yeo | Singapre Squash Coach

Singapore Squash Lessons

Beginner or experienced, get the most out of your game. Play better squash. For children it will be fun when playing and learning the game. This game will develop their bodies,hand and eye co-ordination and motor skills. For schools/colleges it is designed to give a team a fundamental understanding of the game as well as foster team spirit and camaraderie.

Safety - equipment - grip - swing - stance
Position and movement - self practice and skills
Rules of the game - scoring - tatical theories
Strategies & court craft - in court participation

(1 on 1) - $45/- per hour
(2 on 1) - $70/- per hour
(3 on 1) - $75/- per hour

(4 on 1) - $80/- per hour
*Prices exclude court fees & include handouts

1) 6 sessions to complete course
2) Max. 4 in a group
3) 1 hour per session
4) Fee $70-$80/- per hour, per session

Minimum 2 HOURS in school/colleges - $45/-(per hour)

Professional Coach and player Robert Yeo,champion of the Nike World Masters Games 1998 and also 8 times veterans champion of Singapore.Certificate in coaching level 1 & 2 and also certificate in refereeing and Marking from the Singapore Sports Council.

Contact Robert Yeo via
- Mobile: +65 85054013

email: [email protected]
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